About Us

CHIEF is a lifestyle brand founded in Washington DC. It's no secret that DC boasts one of the most diverse metro areas in America and the world. It's also home to some of the most iconic learning institutions. Inspired by all the culture and excellence around us, we thought, why not create a brand that bridges the cultural melting pot.  

We’re both a lifestyle brand and creative brand. We defy stereotypes and create pieces that make a statement.

A little about us...

  • We’re cultured, innovative, and vibrant.
  • When it comes to trends, we’d rather create them than follow them.
  • We’re Renaissance people. We also believe degrees are NOT the only path to success. The name CHIEF University is symbolic of ambition, cultural awareness, and the lifelong pursuit of knowledge.
  • We express ourselves through music and visual art. 
  • We like for our pieces to make a statement.